Lawrence Drink Specials

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$3 Single Calls Louise's West $2 Single Wells Louise's West
$2 Lemon Drops Louise's West $3.50 Call Liquors Henry T's Bar & Grill
$5.25 Doubles Henry T's Bar & Grill $2.50 Labatt Blue Light Pints Henry T's Bar & Grill
$4 Irish Car Bombs Henry T's Bar & Grill $6.50 Selected Classic Drinks 23rd Street Brewery
$4 House Wine by the Glass 23rd Street Brewery $2 PBR every day West Coast Saloon
$2.75 Miller High Life The Bottleneck $2.75 Rolling Rock The Bottleneck
$1.50 Shots The Bottleneck $3 Double Wells Dempsey's Irish Pub
$2 Feckin' Irish Whiskey Shots Dempsey's Irish Pub $4 Double Bacardi Drinks The Hawk
$2 UV Bombs The Hawk $3.75 Boulevard Draws The Jayhawker
Featured Wines The Jayhawker $2.75 Miller Lite Bottles The Jazzhaus