New York Drink Specials

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Deal of the Day 
$1 Drafts @ Down The Hatch
50% off All Drinks 4-8pm Rue-B $10 Perfect Love Martini Quhnia Restaurant and Bar
$3 Michelob Ultra Draft 5-9pm Proof $3 Bud Light Draft 5-9pm Proof
$5 Cosmos 5-9pm Proof $5 Martinis 5-9pm Proof
$3 Well Drinks Old Town Bar and Grill $3.50 Draft Old Town Bar and Grill
$4-$4.50 Top Shelf Old Town Bar and Grill $6 16oz Mixed Drinks No Idea
$4 No Idea Ale Pint No Idea $7 Schaefer tallboy + Bushmill shot No Idea
2-for-1 Drinks 5-8pm Nice Guy Eddie's $3 Beer 4-8pm Niagara
$3 Wine 4-8pm Niagara $3 Well Drinks 4-8pm Niagara
$2 off Call Drinks 4-8pm Niagara $10 Wine tasting 6-9pm Mug Lounge
$1 off all Call Drinks 2-8pm Manitoba's $3 House Wine 2-8pm Manitoba's