San Antonio Drink Specials

Change Location  
$4 Shiner Bock Mad Dog's Irish Pub $4 Long Island Iced Tea Mad Dog's Irish Pub
$4 Red Bull Blaster Mad Dog's Irish Pub Happy Hour 2-9pm Pegasus
$1.75 Longnecks until 10pm The Annex $1.75 Wells until 10pm The Annex
$2.50 Miller Lite Retox Bar $4.50 Bull Blasters Retox Bar
$3 Drinks Sky Dome $5 You Call It Sky Dome
$2.50 All Draft 5-9pm Drink Cocktail Bar $5 Select Shots 5-9pm Drink Cocktail Bar
$2.50 Well Drinks 5-9pm Drink Cocktail Bar $3 Premium Well Drinks 4-8pm Coyote Ugly Saloon
$2 Domestics 4-8pm Coyote Ugly Saloon $3 Watermelon Bacardi your way Coyote Ugly Saloon
$3 Bacardi your way Coyote Ugly Saloon $2 Miller Light Coyote Ugly Saloon
$2.50 Domestics 4-7pm Pat O'Briens $3.50 Imports 4-7pm Pat O'Briens