Seattle Drink Specials

Change Location  
$6 Minnesota Martinis 10pm-12am Zayda Buddy's $4 Premium Liquors 5-9pm The Baltic Room
$3 Pints 4-7pm College Inn Pub $3 Well Drinks 4-7pm College Inn Pub
$5 Smirnoff Drinks Earl's on the Ave $5 Alabama Slammers Earl's on the Ave
$1 Miller High Life Finn MacCool's $3 Jager Finn MacCool's
$4 Long Island Iced Tea Finn MacCool's Happy Hour 4-6pm Peso's Kitchen & Lounge
Happy Hour 10pm-1am Peso's Kitchen & Lounge $3.75 Shots Cuff
$1.75 Henry's Draft Cuff $3 Pints 3-8pm Dubliner
$3 Well Drinks 3-8pm Dubliner $3 Guinness Dubliner
$3 Merlot or Chardonnay 3-8pm Dubliner $2.50 Budweiser Pints Piecora's New York Pizza
$2 Olympia Pints 4-7pm King's Hardware $6 Olympia Pitcher 4-7pm King's Hardware