Washington DC Drink Specials

Change Location  
$3.50 Beer of the Month Chadwick's Happy Hour 4-7pm Marshall's Bar & Grille
$3.75 Smirnoff Mixed Drinks 4-7pm 51st State $5.75 Smirnoff Specialty Martinis 4-7pm 51st State
$3.00 - $3.50 Beer 4-7pm 51st State $3 Heineken 5-7pm One Lounge
$3 Dos Equis Lager 5-7pm One Lounge $5 La Fin Du Monde 5-7pm One Lounge
$4 Beers 5-7pm Gazuza Lounge $5 Wine by the Glass 5-7pm Gazuza Lounge
$5 Rail Drinks 5-7pm Gazuza Lounge $6 Specialty Cocktails 5-7pm Gazuza Lounge
$6 Mojitos 5-7pm Gazuza Lounge $4 Beers 4-7pm Black Fox Lounge
$4 Wine by the Glass 4-7pm Black Fox Lounge $5 Cocktails 4-7pm Black Fox Lounge
$7 Sparkling Wine 4-7pm Black Fox Lounge $3.99 Rail Drinks 4:45-7pm Brickskeller Inn
$2.99 Selected Beer 4:45-7pm Brickskeller Inn $3 Rail Liquor Fireplace Restaurant